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Ass. Manager Food & Beverage

ID 4452
Posted 2017-01-12
Closing date 2017-02-10
Term Full time
Category Hospitality/Hotel
Location Pursat
Salary USD -- USD
Experience 3 Year
Number of hire
Sex Any
Job level Middle
Job detail
Description + Inspections
Carry out all inspections as outlined in the Hotel Management Manuals and as requested by the Staff Captain, Hotel Director or Captain . Check both crew and officers mess rooms before, during and after service, ensure mess rooms are clean, food is well presented and replenished. Complete and sign daily checklist for crew/ officers mess rooms.
+ Maintaining Standard Procedures
Check on administration and working procedures and ensure all are carried out as state in the Hotel Management Manuals
+ Cost Control
- Ensure that Restaurant Manager, Bar Manager, Store Manager, and Executive Chef adhere to controlling procedures as outlined in the Hotel Management Manuals. Conduct sporadic inspections, using the check lists in the Hotel Management Manuals set by the company.
- Follow the purchasing procedures strictly including rules for way port purchasing.
- Always act in the best interests of the company with regard to minimizing costs and maximizing revenue within the bound of the Operations Contact.
+ Equipment
- All machines and equipment must be kept in good repair. Supervise instruction program on handing of equipment for new or re-rated crew members. Handing procedures of already trained crew members to be re-checked.
- Regular inspections on the conditions of equipment must be carried out and an up to date (AVO) list to be maintained. Follow up on action required, outstanding repair list to be checked on a regular basic and sent to Director of Operations at end of cruises.
+ Waste Disposal
- Ensure that all waste produced and handled by the Hotel department complies with rule set by Marpol and ship.
+ Other Duties
- Take charge of life Raft Station/Assist in evacuation of pax & crew
- Take part in Officers/ Captains Table as requested
- Actively encourage F&B Department member to take part in entertainment whenever their duty allows. To be done in conjunction with + + Cruise Director.
- Other duties as requested by Head office
+ Public Relation
- Deal with all passenger complaints in conjunction with the Hotel Director.
- Attendance at all passenger parties and receptions. To be in uniform at all times in public areas and to act in a professional, responsible manner.
+ Service Operation
- Ensure that service in restaurant & bars is carried out according to standards set out in the Hotel Management manual. Check ALL passenger buffets (breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, midnight snack) and monitor and check all meal service periods in both restaurant and buffet. F&B Manager is not to be tied up with calling line but should be free to monitor and check food quality and restaurant operation.
- Check operation of all bars. F&B to monitor all special parties and functions e.g.
+ Leadership
- Lead subordinates successfully in to productive working methods by setting an example and utilizing all available management tools (Hotel Management manuals and checklists).
+ Communication
- Provide a two way line of communication for Staff. Dealing with day to day problems, including personal problems.
- Deal with proposal and suggestions from Management and Staff.
- Organize F&B Department meeting each cruise to be minute with action column, check up from previous meeting, minutes to be sent to (HO)
- Give cruise papers to (HM) as soon as possible after completion
+ Disciplinary Procedures
-Ensure that correct disciplinary procedures are adhered to especially with regard to correct handling or writing warning and cord of same.
- Follow up on disciplinary reports.
+ Maintaining Standards
- It is expected, that the Food & Beverage Manager is fully aware of the company standards as outlined in the Hotel Management Manuals. The Food & Beverage
- Manager is expected to know the job description of each staff member in the Catering Department. Ensure, that the set standards are kept and staff member work according to their respective job description. Corrective action to be taken to ensure standards are upheld.To review passenger questionnaire rating at each F&B Meeting and to take immediate corrective action.
+ Innovating Standards
-Check on existing standards by asking crew members of their opinion and suggest adaptation to (HM) where Food & Beverage, Passenger Service and Crew Matters are concerned.
Requirement - Must have sound knowledge of food & beverage products
- Must have refined skill in public relation
- Must have Typing skill, Window XP, Word ,Excel, Outlook.
- Additional: Stock Control System
- At least six years in F&B Department in addition to Management School with at least three years in a Management position
- Minimum of four years ship’s experience.
- Kitchen/ Stores / Financial background preferred
- Must have worked with Computers
- Must have public health
- Candidate must be aware of Management functions and have the ability to communicate with all levels of personnel and passengers
- Ability to manage section heads and crew must be apparent
- Must be able to check cost control report and be fully aware of the internal organization of a catering department on board a cruise ship
Company KM Hotel & Spa
Name Mr. Douk Puthea
Address Street 101, PealNhek 1 Village, Sangkat Ptah Prey, Pursat Town, CAMBODIA.
Phone (+855)52 925 168/ 70 527 666
Title Closing date