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Quality Assurance Senior Officer

ID 4152
Posted 2017-01-03
Closing date 2017-02-02
Term Full time
Category Sales
Location Phnom Penh
Salary USD -- USD
Experience 1 Year
Number of hire 2
Sex Male
Job level Senior
Job detail
Description Improve QA and inspection work, and take responsibility for all processes from acceptance to delivery process
Job Duty:
-Set up working plan according to company direction and target
-Improve section working process, subordinate work skills, awareness and working mindset
-Prepare tool or equipment to improve work efficiency
-Follow up, evaluate working results
-Analyze and take promptly actions to solve and prevent the quality problems
-Give advices to subordinates and make the decision for solving the problems
-Communicate with other sections, suppliers and customers to facilitate work
-Promote and control subordinate to follow company code of practice and company regulation
-Motivate subordinate and develop good working environment
-Follow up and control activity progress to achieve company target
-Develop working process and system to prevent problems in future
-Do the additional assignments
-Work and control subordinate to work in conditions which minimize the impact to environment
-Manage quality problem of part/product about in-line defect, customer/market
-Claim until take countermeasure and yokoten to stabilize.
Requirement -Age: 25 ~ 30
-Sex: Male or Female
-Education: Bachelor degree in Engineering field or related field
-GPA: 2.75up
-TOEIC: Score 500 up (preferable)
-Experience in QA (more than 1 years)
-English communication
-PC skill (Excel, word, Power Point)
-Open mind & team work mind
-Friendliness toward to employees
-Ability for problem solving
-Skill of Quality Control
-Understanding for measurement
-(Caliper, Micro, MMS, 3D)
Company Cam S&V Trading Co.,Ltd ( S&V Cambodia Jobs )
Name HR Department
Address 2nd floor, SI Building, No 93, Preash Sihanuk, khnan Doun Penh, Phnom Penh.
Phone 098 486 777/092556166
Email [email protected]
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