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Sale assistant 250-$350

ID 3673
Posted 2016-12-22
Closing date 2017-01-21
Term Full time
Category Sales
Location Phnom Penh
Salary USD -- USD
Number of hire
Sex Any
Job level Middle
Job detail
Description • Ensure high levels of customer satisfaction
• Assist the Sales Manager in implementing the sales plan
• Present and sell company products (condo apartments and others properties) to existing and potential clients.
• Give showroom and construction site visits to customers.
• Create business relations, implement action plans to generate sales opportunities.
• Contact sales prospects by phone, email, face-to-face meeting to expand the client base.
• Prepare weekly reports on follow-up activities and data-base updates.
• And other task assign by manager.
Requirement • University degree in Business administration, Marketing or in relevant field.
• At least 1 year experience in Sales and Marketing.
• Strong communication and interpersonal skills, friendly, and active team player
• Good written and verbal English
• Patient, responsible & customer service oriented
• Real care about company and product’s image, pay great attention to details
• Good administrative skills
• Highly responsible for work completion with accuracy and with deadline.
• Computer skills such as Microsoft Office Suite, internet and CRM systems.
• Property knowledge and experience is an advantage.

+ ទីកន្លែងធ្វើការនៅម្តុំជ្រោយចង្វា(6A investment)
+ ទំនាក់ទំនង/CONTACT PERSON :

លោកផានិត070​ 491 636
អ្នកនាងសំណាង015 84 04 57
Address # 32ខាងក្រោុយជាប់អគារសាលាប៊ែលធីអន្តរជាតិច្រមុះជ្រូកស្ទឹងមានជ័យ
Phone 016979795 / 012 505393
Email [email protected]
Title Closing date
Sale Assistant 150$-180$(ម្តុំវត្តឃ្មួញ) 2017-03-09
កម្មករោងចក្រសំបកដបជាច្រើននាក់ $150-$180 2017-03-16
កម្មករោងចក្រអេឡិចត្រូនិច $400 Thai Land 2017-03-10
ជាងភ្លើង ជាច្រើននាក់ $200-$250 សំភាសន៏បន្ទាន់! 2017-03-16
Senior [email protected](26A) 2017-03-11
ការងារប្រទេសជប៉ុន1000-$1700សំភាសន៍14&21/2/2017 2017-02-23
Stock $250 (សំភាសន៍ភ្លាមៗ)បន្ទាន់! 2017-02-23
ជាងទឹកភ្លើងម៉ាសុីនត្រជាក់ច្រើននាក់ 180$-250$ 2017-03-18
Adminហាត់ការ(ផ្តល់ជូនប្រាក់ឧបត្ថម)បន្ទាន់! 2017-03-18
Assistant Purchasing $200-$250(ម្តុំផ្លូវវេងស្រេង) 2017-03-20
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