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Purchasing Manager

ID 23288
Posted 2018-05-22
Closing date 2018-06-20
Term Full time
Category Merchandising/Purchasing
Location Preah Sihanouk
Salary USD -- USD
Experience 2 Year
Number of hire 1
Sex Male/Female
Job level Middle
Job detail
Description Purchasing department has to create or update:
- Product: This is an item code which gives the whole
description of the item.
- BOM (bill of material): This is the list of material which include CMT Cambodia and China transportation that we need to pay for each type of items including the loss & wastage in order to know the price of each item.
- BOM for Order (bill of material for order): It is a list of material required by contractor to complete a sale contract. The Purchase Manager has to create the BOM for order and send it to china by mail quickly as soon as possible after receive sale contract.
- Include the balance material we have in stock into the BOM for order before the container arrives. Check the report’s stock manager and discuss with him about shortage and confirm the order with China.
- Compare the sample bag with BOM to be sure that all information is similar between the sample and sale contract.
- PO (purchase order): create the PO to purchase local materials for production order.
- Cutting plans
Company WEGC Manufacturing Limited
Name Mr. Oeur Solin
Address Mondul 1, Sangkat 1, Sihanouk Ville, Preah Sihanouk
Phone 016 97 48 24
Title Closing date
Shipping Manager 2018-06-26