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Agir-Technical Officer (ATO)

ID 23229
Posted 2018-05-22
Closing date 2018-06-05
Term Full time
Category Accounting
Location Kampong Speu
Salary USD -- USD
Experience 4 Year
Number of hire
Sex Male/Female
Job level Middle
Job detail
Description ** Description/purpose: S/he will responsible to manage COF’s farm and landscape activities. S/he will also responsible to produce COF organic vegetable, flowers, tress and animal.

** Dimension/Scope of job
This position will work in 3 main areas of COF’s operation such as at Kandal, Mondulkiri and Kampong Speu with a total field land around size 1,000 hectars. Also, s/he will work directly with farmers and other steakholders and under supervison of Production manager.

** Main Responsibilities:
1. Inovate COF’s land at Kandal, Kampong Spue and Mondulkiri to be a green landscape and organic farms
• Assist farm manger to draw and design master plan of COF farms
• Organize organic vegetable farms model for COF
• Create and lead monthly activity planning for each farm

2. Produce organic vegetable to supply COF’s resort
• Create action plan on cultivation and harvesting process with precise and accurate with timeline
• Prepare planting system to meet with COF’s demand
• Create roster of planting to make production flow
• Develop organic planting method through aquaponic and soil system
• Make own organic fertilizer to use in planting
• Control pest and disease which occure on vegetable by orgnic methods

3. Produce flowers and tree for COF’s resort
• Create share or warehour of COF plants propagation
• Improve flower and trees propagating task to supply COF’s need at least 300 unit (flowers or trees) per month
• Fertilize all COF followers and tress to be healthy and nutrient

4. Create and develop COF landscape and gardening at least one per year
• Organize a gardening project once per year to improve view landscape of COF areas
• Utilize all propagated plants and vegetable to contribute COF’s view as natural

5. Control product quality for COF
• Check and follow up the process of member cultivation through create motoring tool and make those tools are workable
• Organize operation team for cultivation and cooperate with farmers to ensure corn and grass
• Assist GD to design strategic tools to anticipate and manage risk in feed plantation
Cooperate with farmers to set up plan cultivation upon to the COF’s master plan and keep follow up with farmer representatives as bi-weekly to
• Provide technical supports and other advises to support farmers for their stable productive

6. Administration task:
• Create supportive tools or documents to ensure agri-production working progress in COF’s resort
• Prepare plan for purchasing items, tools, equipment and other machinery through consult with GD
• Assist GD to draft yearly budget and planning for Agri-production department once per yearly
• Regular submit monthly report to GD

7. Others:
• Respect COF’s value
• Do any task which assign by manager to organization’s goal
• Work under pressure
• Willing to learn new things
Requirement ** Problem Solving: Work directly with COF staff and management team to seek policies and required an ability to interpret those policies and provide advices to COF management
Communications: S/he will communicate to COF farmers, sale team, partners and other stakeholders. S/he will also report to manager as monthly.

** Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes:
• University degree in Sale, Marketing, social, international relation or relevant field
• At least 4 year experience in field of sale & marketing, communication, agriculture business
• Dedicate to organic and food security promoting
Company Cambodian Organic Family (COF)
Name HR
Address Phnom Penh
Phone 097 88888 78 / 090 69 7777
Title Closing date