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Chemical Engineer Staff at Poi Pet

ID 17619
Posted 2017-12-13
Closing date 2018-01-11
Term Full time
Category Architecture/Engineering
Location Poipet
Salary USD -- USD
Number of hire
Sex Any
Job level Middle
Job detail
Description - Study with Chemical and related with skill
- Have experience with water treatment
- Working closely with process chemists and control engineers
- Designing plant and equipment configuration
- Setting up scale-up and scale-down processes
- Assessing options for plant expansion or reconfiguration by developing and testing process simulation models
- Optimizing production by analyzing processes
- Applying new technologies
- Researching new products from trial through to commercialization and improving product lines
- Ensuring that potential safety issues related to the project operator, the environment, the process and the product are considered at all stages.
Requirement - Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering or equivalent degree.
- Demonstrated ability to work effectively within or lead a team , as well as excellent interpersonal and communications skills.
- Ability to communicate highly technical analyses at a level comprehensible to laymen and senior-level government representatives.
- Ability to clearly express in writing technical analysis results and site characterizations.
- Security clearance based on quality assurance
Name Lai Tina
Address 12 F #445, Monivong Blvd(St.93/232), Phnom Penh Tower , Boeung Pratet, 7 Makara, Phnom Penh , Phnom Penh Cambodia.
Phone 0235197888/0962414772
Email [email protected]
Title Closing date
Logistic Operation (350$~400$) 2018-02-15
Nursing Care Staff (Training at Japan) 2018-02-15
M & E Engineer (VRF System) 400$~600$ 2018-02-15
Japanese Speaking (500$-1500$) 2018-02-15
Mechanic & Electric Maintenance at Poi Pet (500$~1200$) 2018-02-15
Chemical Engineer Staff at Poi Pet (400$~700$) 2018-02-14
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