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Production Managers ($1,000-$1,200 Plus other Benefits)

ID 17556
Posted 2017-12-12
Closing date 2018-01-11
Term Full time
Category Management
Location Kampot
Salary USD -- USD
Experience 3 Year
Number of hire
Sex Male/Female
Job level Top
Job detail
Description - Implement and manage production according to production planning, and manage the labor under his supervision for all daily operation. Supervise product quality, maintenance, storage.
- Implement planning strategy of production according to policies and procedures for the product management.
- Optimize production capacity for demand fulfillment according to product control system responding to order-receipt process.
- Achieve production’s objectives by recommending factory objectives; supervising and monitoring production yield,
and optimizing manpower and use of plant assets by reducing eventually breakdown time.
- Implement production planning that meet or exceed customer expectations by installing good manufacturing practices; enforcing quality standards and processes; improving products, processes, and procedures.
- Comply with legal requirements by enforcing policies and procedures, and assisting to develop procedures, form and work instruction for production.
- Maintain knowledge by developing training opportunities and educational workshops for employees under his/her supervision.
- Contribute to team effort by offering information and opinion to senior management; integrating objectives with
other functions; accomplishing special projects as needed.
- Develop weekly/periodically reports on issues/solution, opportunities and development plans and achievements.
Requirement - Bachelor Degree in Engineering, management, or other related fields;
- 2 or 3 years working experience with manufacturing or food production;
- Good understanding with manufacturing process;
- Good at English;
- Honest, hard working, high responsibility.
Company Aplus Consulting Co., Ltd
Name Ms. Sok Cheata
Address No.36, St.169, PPIU Building, 4th Floor, Veal Vong, 7 Makara, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Phone 012 210 752
Email [email protected]
Title Closing date
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